Thursday, October 8, 2015

A simple tool for Hydro Power Plants Design

Welcome to the HPP DESIGN BLOG

This is my blog, where I share information on HPP-design. I created this tool to help whoever wants to design a hydroelectric plant.

HPP-design is an automated tool to provide basic information on water turbines. It’s a very useful tool if you want to understand size, performance and specifications of hydroelectric turbines such as Pelton, Francis, Kaplan, Archimedes screw and Cross Flow. You can use it as a testing tool, for example to see if the size of the powerhouse is correct. Or if the assumed efficiency curve suits the turbine you chose. You can even try various hypotheses of turbine for the same installation, to determine which is the most appropriate range of operation to maximize production, dimensions and costs. All sizes will be saved online and you can access it whenever you want from any platform.

HPP-design has a simple interface and is very intuitive, to allow everyone work in the world of hydropower starting from its heart: the turbine.

In order to size a turbine we need two parameters: the net head (H) and the water flow rate (Q). To be more precise, we would also need the grid frequency (f). In Europe, f is normally 50HZ, but for more information take a look here.
With H, Q, and the frequency f, the tool displays a range of possible turbines. The variable data at this stage will be the fourth basic parameter for a hydroelectric turbine: the number of revolutions (n).
At this point, it is necessary to make a choice: the tool suggests a possible configuration, but the proper choice depends on the size of the plant, the price of the generator, the efficiency curve and other variables. If you are not experienced, choose the suggested configuration. Later I will explain the variables for the choice.
That’s it!. The tool shows main dimensions, data specification, and efficiency curve of the hydraulic turbine and some data for the generator’s configuration.

If you try to use the tool now, you will see that it only works for Pelton turbines and gives you several information that may be useful for a preliminary sizing of your power plant.

Please send feedback here. Information, suggestions and comments are welcome!

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