Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hydraulic turbine range

This is the  range of application for the main hydraulic turbines. Have you seen how complex and overlapped it is? For a given head and discharge even three or more turbines could be suitable.
So how to choose the right one?
A good design should consider, alongside the nominal efficiency, the following aspects:
  • Plant layout for the given location and layout related costs
  • Annual average efficiency, matching the partial load efficiency curve with discharge and head variation over time
  • Cost of the turbine and the mechanical equipment
  • Operation and maintenance costs
  • Water screen requirements as compared to the amount of debris carried by the river
By carefully considering all those aspects one can choose the optimal turbine and layout in order to maximize the energy and economic performance of the plant.
HPP- Design will help you in this choice, providing accurate sizing data and energy calculation for every type of turbine!
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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Am considering using this in my Phd thesis for a hydropower design across Cross River Nigeria,that will serve dual purposes: for Irrigation and power supply. Apart from the selections of turbine, do you also consider the holistic approach to the entire Dam construction such as the associated Civil Structures? Nevertheless,I want to use this medium to inform, that I will be referencing you in my thesis......Thanks for contribution to learning.

  2. And it get's even more complex considering the DIVE-Turbine in the range from 100-4000kW.

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